The Top 5 Reasons Your Clients Will Not Return


Post COVID-19 Closures:

Re-Opening Expectations from your Clients Perspective 




We took a poll of clients’ new expectations as Salons & Spas begin to reopen. Here are the Top 5 most common responses of what clients say would discourage them from returning to your business again after their first appointment back.


Of a survey of 150 Canadian Spa & Salon goers, here were the top 5 most common responses:




“If they still handle & accept cash”



“If they touch anything with their gloves (phone, computer, shelf products) but then proceed to touch me (with the same gloves). That shows they are only wearing the gloves to protect themselves, not me.”



“Re-using items! Everything that touches clients should be a disposable, one-time use replacement.”



“If they touch their phone (or any of their personal items) during my appointment”



“If there isn’t a full santization station upon entry & exit: sanitizer, gloves, wipes, masks, etc.”