Stop Losing Money…Please.


How You’re Losing Revenue You Didn’t Know About



…and how you can fix it.




Our hot topic this month is Customer Experience and it’s not a shocking topic – 


Customer Experience is the #1 Thing that can make or break your businesses success! In this blog, let’s talk Leads – and the first impression & experience your business gives them. Leads are your potential clients – they’ve been referred to you by a current client, or have found your business through social media or google search. In Business Sales, it’s widespread knowledge that you lose 40-60% of Leads if you do not respond to them within 4 hours.


We asked around the Cojilio office to see if anyone knew of a time where a company lost their business before they even became a customer due to a bad first impression or experience. Here’s the tale we heard about a business that had acquired a lead from a referral and lost them, all before they even knew about them.


“A good friend of mine was seriously considering becoming a Lash Artist, and I thought it was a great idea! She asked me if I knew of any amazing Lash Trainers, and immediately I thought of my Microblading & Lash Artist who I’d been to many times – let’s call her Melissa – I knew her, trusted her, & loved her space. I sent my friend her website to fill out her contact form to request to schedule a training.


6 days later my friend asked if I had heard from her. I said uhhh no, but you filled out the form right? She said “Yeah, last Friday!” This didn’t look great on me, as the referrer, so I messaged her and asked if she had received my friends training request (for a $1,500 course). She told me that she was at a training in LA and would be getting back to everyone’s emails by next week.


I think we all know how this story goes from here. My friend was excited to begin this new career journey and was impatient (rightfully so) to book her training and get started. So, she contacted another Lash Trainer I knew, since there are a lot of fish in the sea, especially in Toronto. This trainer responded to her email within hours, the training was scheduled after a phone call, and her 50% e-transfer deposit was in the trainers bank account by EOD.


If there had been a way for my friend to book or purchase her training, (A.K.A give her that instant gratification of “Ok I booked & paid, I’m on my way forward”) then Melissa would have never lost that client. I feel like I actually watched this lash artist lose $1500 right before my eyes and she didn’t even know it was happening.




Referrals are the easiest clients you’ll ever acquire.


Why? They’ve already been sold on you by someone else. Referrals, in the Sales World, are what they call “The Gravy”. It’s a sale that comes to you – you don’t need to convince them, or find them on Instagram, or sell yourself to them.


So…how can you ensure you never lose one?





#1. Make your business accessible to referrals, leads and clients 24/7.


Answering the phone during open hours isn’t enough anymore – clients want to book & pay for services when they want, immediately, when the mood strikes.



#2. Be Mobile Friendly


Make your Calendar and Availability available to your clients 24/7 in a mobile friendly way – 80%+ of these clients are looking you up on their phone after they found you on Instagram on received a text. (How many of you are checking how responsive your website is on your phone right now?)



#3. Automate Payments, Bookings & Deposits


Allow clients to pay service and training deposits digitally and automatically – that way, if you’re on vacation or out of town, or simply unavailable, your business doesn’t stop running.