Feature Release – July 2021



We’ve got some exciting features!


NEW! Custom Digital Forms, Waivers & Surveys in the Cojilio Form Builder

Easy to use drag & drop style Form Builder. Save time, go paperless!


NEW! 14 & 30 Day Cancellation Policies.

You can set a 14 or 30-day Cancellation Policy to services.


NEW! Assigned Services Table

Tired of having to individually go through each service to assign Staff? You can assign Staff to their assigned services in the Assigned Services Table.



Custom Forms & Form Builder


Save time in the waiting room by allowing your clients to fill out required forms prior to their appointment.


You can create waivers, consent forms, appointment intake forms and surveys in the Cojilio Form Builder, in an easy to use drag & drop style Form Builder.

14- & 30-Day Cancellation Policies


Want to set stricter rules? Set your Cancellation Policy to 14 days or 30 days for services you prefer to have more notice for cancellation.




Assigned Services Table


Instead of wasting time having go through each of your services to assign Staff, you can go into a Staff’s Profile and assign them to a service, making life easier.


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