Feature Release – January 8, 2021



It’s Finally Here!


Online Calendar Checkout


This new update brings you full Checkout functionality (finally!), Client Carts, The Client Lobby, Confirmation & Arrival notifications, Client Check-In and full integration with your Clover POS Terminal!

  • Checkout & Complete Multiple Appointments (no more one at a time!)
  • Add Discounts ($ or %)
  • Redeem Loyalty Points & Discount Codes
  • Sell & Checkout a Package
  • Redeem Service from Package
  • Split Tips between Multiple Staff
  • Checkout Add-Ons & Products (NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED!)
  • POS Integration: Send open carts & appointments to your Clover Terminal



This new update gives you So. Much. More. Visibility.
  • New icons to easily see which appointments have been confirmed / not confirmed + new icons to see which clients have arrived
  • Get notified when a client has arrived & is waiting outside for their appointment



NEW! Clover POS Integration

Close carts & checkout clients on the Cojilio Terminal App on your Clover POS Device


NEW! Calendar Lobby

The Lobby: Clients that have arrived will now display in the Online Calendar Lobby


NEW! Client Check-In

Let’s you check-in clients in once they’ve been greeted. The ultimate reception efficiency tool!


UPGRADE!  24HR Confirmation SMS

Clients will now have the option to CONFIRM or CANCEL their appointment when they receive their 24HR Reminder Text


NEW! Arrival SMS
Clients will now receive a text message to notify you when they have arrived for their appointment



Update your Cojilio Business App to get the latest features of this release