BookNow for Sola Professionals

BookNow by Cojilio: A powerful search and booking tool for Sola professionals to increase their client base, book more appointments, and accelerate business growth


Sola professionals using Cojilio will now populate when customers search for their next service using the BookNow search engine. And since every new client that visits the Sola website will land on BookNow, you can increase your visibility, brand awareness, and virtual walk-in traffic without any extra work!


What is BookNow?

BookNow is a powerful online search engine located on the homepage of the Sola Salons website that allows local prospective clients to find and book an appointment with your business.

Clients can search for their desired service, date, time and travel distance, then get matched with a stylist who meets their criteria!


How BookNow works:

  • Visibility in thousands of search results: When new clients search for services on Sola’s homepage, your business will show up.
  • Expand your reach: Clients that have not heard of your business yet will now get matched to you.
  • Increase bookings: Clients will be able to book an appointment with you directly from BookNow, and the appointment will automatically sync to your Cojilio calendar the same as all other appointments booked in the app do.
  • Accelerate initial business growth: Just starting out and looking to build your client base? BookNow is a completely free way to accelerate your initial growth! All Sola professionals using Cojilio are listed on the BookNow search engine.



What do I have to do to be displayed on BookNow?


#1. You must be an active Sola professional and have a Cojilio x Sola Elite Subscription 

Not using Cojilio? Sola professionals get a special 65% off discount on the Cojilio Elite Booking Subscription. (A $69/month value for just $25/month!)

Sign up for your Cojilio Elite Subscription HERE!


#2. You must tag your services and classes in Cojilio with BookNow tags

For example: Tag your “Manicure” service with the tag “Manicure”, and your services will now be connected to BookNow. When a client searches for Manicure in their area, they will have the option to book with you!


Ready to get your business listed on BookNow?

Here is a Help Guide: How to add tags to a service