2022 Feature Release Recap


January – December 2022 Feature Release Recap:


NEW! Add a Payment Card on a Clients Profile!
You can now add a debit/credit card on a clients profile!
Help Guide: Add a Debit/Credit Card on a clients profile


NEW! Variable Pricing!
You can now set variable pricing on services based on time booked, quantity booked, and promotional pricing!
Help Guide: How to setup variable pricing


NEW! Group Bookings!
Turn on Group Bookings to allow customers to reserve multiple spots for their appointments
Help Guide: How to turn on group bookings for a service


NEW! Add Photos & Files to a clients’ profile!
You can now add photos and files to client profiles (in the Notes section).
Help Guide: How to add photos & files to a client profile (Online Calendar)


NEW! Choose between 24, 48 or 72 hours or 3, 4 , 5 day appointment reminder SMS (text)!
HEAVILY REQUESTED! You can now set Appointment SMS (text) reminders to send 24, 48, 72 hours or 3-5 days before appointments.
Help Guide: How to set SMS (text) appointment reminders


NEW! Duplicate a service, add-on, class or package
Creating new services just got so much easier!
Help Guide: How to duplicate a service, add-on, class or package


NEW! Promo Codes!
FINALLY! Create Promo Codes for clients to enter during booking
Help Guide: How to create and activate a promo code


NEW! Online Calendar for Clover Station Duo
Help Guide: Access the Online Calendar in the Cojilio Terminal App (Station Duo)


NEW! Advanced Taxes & Clover Tax Settings Sync
Help Guide: How to sync your Tax Settings from Clover


NEW! Clover Service Charge Sync
Help Guide: Sync your Clover Service Fee to Cojilio Transactions


NEW! Create Private Services/Classes/Packages/Add-Ons
Help Guide: Private Services/Add-Ons/Classes/Package


NEW! Direct Service URL’s (Direct Booking Links!)
Help Guide: Direct Service, Class and Package URLs


NEW! Packages in Online Booking Client Profile (for clients)
Help Guide: How to view your packages in Online Booking and the Booking App (for clients)


NEW! Packages in Online Calendar Client Profile (for staff)
Help Guide: Client Packages in Client Profile (Online Calendar)


NEW! Edit a client’s remaining package sessions
Help Guide: How to edit a clients’ package in the Online Calendar (add/remove package sessions)


NEW! Assign Item Sales to Employees in Checkout
Help Guide: Employee sales assignment in checkout


NEW! Set Minimum Notice on Services and Classes
Help Guide: Set Minimum Notice on Services and Classes


NEW! Employee Request Icon (Online Calendar)
Help Guide: Request Icon in the Online Calendar


NEW! Confirm Appointment on behalf of customer
Help Guide: Confirm Appointment on behalf of customer


NEW! Online Booking iFrame (embed in website)
Help Guide: Embed your Cojilio Booking Link within your website


NEW! Customer Account Recovery (for clients)
It’s never been easier for customers to recover their accounts if they have forgotten their username or password. 

Help Guide: Account Recovery (for clients)


New Settings Recap:
NEW! Turn Reschedule SMS ON/OFF
NEW! Turn In-App Chat ON/OFF
NEW! Control Cojilio Emails (in Company > Settings)
NEW! Link your TikTok (in Company > Connections)


NEW LOOK! Client Profile got a MAKEOVER

NEW LOOK! Calendar Lobby got a MAKEOVER
Tour Guide: The Online Calendar Lobby got a MAKEOVER!

NEW LOOK! Cojilio Terminal App (for Clover POS) got a MAKEOVER


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