Knock It Off!


The 3 Things You Need To Stop






We’re kicking off 2020 with our Top 3 Specialist & Artist No-No’s… from a clients perspective. If you have any of these habits – knock it off!


We went around the Cojilio office and asked about your most irritating salon experience. Here’s the juice:


#1: The Airy Receptionist.


“I called into a Medspa I saw featured on Instagram. I am very familiar with facials and have had my fair share of good and bad, so I know what I want. When I called in, I said I was looking to book a facial to focus on extractions, and asked Who is the best at extractions? The receptionist responded, “All of our technicians are great!” I sighed. “But who is the best known for their specialty in extracting, or maybe their love for extracting?” Again, I was told “All of our estheticians are great at extractions.” I said thank you and hung up. I’m sure they are all great, but I was looking for honesty & a conversation on a more personal level. The receptionist lost me before I ever came in, because I had a feeling I was only going to receive a very generic, un-personalized service there. “All our products and services are great. Everything’s great.”


Takeaway: Clients are smart & they want honesty, as if they were having a conversation with a good friend. Clients get excited when they hear “Oh, Claire is INCREDIBLE at that” or “But this product blows them all out of the water!” Don’t be a “Everything is great” salon.



#2: The Unprepared Lash Room.


“I went in for my Microblading Session (first timer). The scraping of the needle – the sound and feeling – made me extremely nauseous. I needed to take a break and asked for water and something to snack on to settle my stomach. To my surprise, she didn’t have anything for me. I get that when we go to the artists home for services, we miss out on the Spa-level Amenities – but I was just not expecting that! Especially for a 3 hour $500 service. Water & Granola Bars would have been nice.”


Takeaway: Stock your service room to be a Zen AND Practical Oasis! Maybe skip the 3rd fluffy decorative pillow, or candle, or Pinterest inspired wall decal, and opt for a mini snack bar – Water Bottles, Granola Bars, Chewable Candies, Tea, Protein Balls, etc. Your clients will appreciate it!


PS: If you’re worried about clients taking advantage, Mandarin Buffet Style, no worries – simply lay out 2-4 granola bars and 2 water bottles displayed at a time. Keep a drawer nearby stocked so that you can replenish between each client.



#3: University Exam Length Medical History Forms


“I booked a facial 6 weeks in advance and arrived 15 minutes early (I know – I’m the perfect customer, right?!). Reception was very busy, which made sense since they were fully booked for 6 weeks. I sat and waited. 5 minutes before my appointment start time, they called me up and I was pumped (this was my first DMK facial and my most expensive to date – $300! I hope my mom doesn’t read this).  They handed me a 7-page Medical History Form. 7 Pages? But my $300 facial was supposed to start in 5 minutes. And wait – I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes, doing nothing.  I sat and started scribbling my answers, skipping questions, so irritated – I was not going to take 20 minutes to fill this out and eat up time out of my THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR FACIAL (SORRY MOM). I also couldn’t help but think that I had 6 whole weeks to fill this out if they had just emailed it to me when I booked?!?”


Takeaway: We’re sure you think of your time as money. Well, clients think the same thing about their time! Make your clients feel like the time and money they spend with you is valued. Don’t make them feel like just another number. And, if you can speed up a process, make it more efficient? Do It! Believe us, your clients will notice.


PS: Check our Digital Medical Forms Feature to see how you can have your clients fill out their forms in advance.